Managing Director, William Dong, acquired the Handpicked brand in 2003 and founded DMG as the business expanded. After spending his university days in the UK, William arrived in Australia ready to leave his mark within the business world and face the exciting challenges ahead. 

Over the years, William’s entrepreneurship has created a passionate and innovative team that works closely together, along with like-minded partners around the globe. 

Our mission is to build a global liquor powerhouse with premium wines and spirits. The long-term commitment is to create a better version of everything by treading a little lighter on the earth with our sustainable practices.

Company Values

Since founded, DMG has been evolving as a global leader in premium wine & spirits. We aspire to share our heavenly, carefully crafted and beautifully curated products with like-minded people around the world. Integrity, Innovation, Excellence, Diversity and Responsibility are the core values of who we are and all we do.



At DMG, we encourage a culture of trust and honesty within the team. We value having mutual respect for all, fulfilling promises and exceeding expectations. We are who we are today because we recognise our ethics and morals, guided by our company’s and customers’ values. 



Life is like going up a hill, if you do not move forward, you will fall behind. Sharing a drive for positive change and the pursuit of quality and innovation is what we do. We are a team of entrepreneurs and creative thinkers who enjoy constantly pushing the boundaries. 



As industry leaders, we never compromise on quality. It’s about delivering the best imaginable to our customers. We strive to maintain their loyalty by providing outstanding products and services; they win; we win. 



We recognise each other’s strengths and encourage all characters to shine. By collaborating and supporting our team, we celebrate the unique traits of each individual and with that comes great combined strength. We are all different, and that diversity is what makes DMG who we have become today. 



It is in our hearts to tread more lightly on the earth and leave the world a better place. Our passion is to work together with our partners to embrace sustainability and create a better future.



Handpicked was born.


Chance encounter with DMG’s founder William Dong, who joins the company, launching a new look and expands portfolio, until 2005, William takes over the business.


DMG brings in premium Baijiu brands such as Moutai to Australia and New Zealand


DMG brings in Moutai and Handpicked wines to Italy


Handpicked Love foundation is found. Over the years, the foundation has been supporting the community and people in need.


Handpicked’s first ever vineyard, Handpicked Capella vineyard in Mornington Peninsula is acquired. Since then Handpicked has been focusing on making the perfect wines from the best vineyards all over the world.


First Moutai flagship store opens in Sydney


Handpicked upgraded to a 5 Star Winery by James Halliday.


Handpicked receives the rating of ‘Red 5 Star Winery’ with 19 wines scored over 90 points by James Halliday.


Handpicked’s first Urban Cellar Door opens in Sydney.


‘Best Pinot Noir’ trophy – Royal Adelaide Wine Show

‘Best Mornington Peninsula Wine’ – Australian Pinot Noir Challenge

‘Best Pinot Noir in Australia’ trophy – Australian Pinot Noir Challenge

‘Best Mornington Wine’ trophy – James Halliday Chardonnay Challenge

‘Best Pinot Noir’ trophy – Mornington Peninsula Wine Show

Handpicked makes wines in Oregon, USA.


DMG becomes the sole distributor for National Cellar 1573 and Qinghua Fenjiu in Australia and New Zealand.

Australia’s first baijiu e-commerce platform ‘Spirits of China’ launched.

Handpicked vineyards in conversion to organic.


Handpicked’s second Urban Cellar Door opens in Melbourne. 

The only 100% certified organic liquor retailer in Australia, ‘Kiss the Organic’, is born.

The journey continues………….