The Handpicked philosophy is to make the best wines from the world’s great wine regions. 

Handpicked founder and managing director, William Dong, admits that he came into the wine industry knowing little about the challenges ahead; he just loved wine and wanted to make great wines that people would appreciate and love to share together. It didn’t take long to realise that he would need special vineyards and passionate people. 

We’ve come a long way – our team has grown, as has our vision. We make more premium wines in numerous regions, have been awarded many trophies, established happy and loyal customers over time, thrown some epic parties, and begun an exciting journey into organics. However, our purpose has not wavered during this time and as William would say, “The journey continues…” 

The journey of Handpicked started in 2003 when we released our first vintage. Since then, our passion and devotion to excellence have been the core focus. Wine is diverse; there are many beautiful grape varieties, the different flavours immense, and each site we have displayed a different expression of these grapes. We have lofty ambitions and are committed to excellence in all aspects of our operations culminating in the pursuit of perfection. Central are our viticultural and winemaking philosophies, covering iconic wine regions from all over the world and offering a unique opportunity to experience a boutique selection of wines reflecting this terroir.

At Handpicked, we bottle our passion and strive to create wines of finesse, poise and energy by pushing boundaries and driving positive change as we aspire for quality and innovation. 

We are eager to share our wines with you, not only because they are extraordinary but because they are the irreplicable artwork of nature, the odes of the glittering bunches, the fallen leaves, the sweat in the soil, and the flawed perfection. And they are beautiful.


Capella Vineyard on the Mornington Peninsula was the first vineyard procured by Handpicked Wines. It remains Handpicked’s spiritual home and home base for Chief Winemaker, Peter Dillon. We now own vineyards spread across Mornington Peninsula, Yarra Valley, Tasmania, and Barossa Valley. In other regions in Australia and around the world, we work closely with like-minded growers who share the same values and have become part of the Handpicked family over many years. 

Each site has unique attributes that flow through to the wines we make. With the vineyard sites carefully chosen based on their location in these incredible wine regions, the diversity in location, climate, soil, aspect, and underlying geology has an immense influence on the wines we can produce and are enhanced by our use of organic and sustainable practices. These common methods underpin the health of the vines and ensure our fruit production to the highest quality, which reinforces the unique nature of each vineyard.

Winemaking Philosophy

As the current custodians of these precious places scattered across Australia and beyond, we accept a responsibility to nurture and nourish what has been entrusted to us. This is the bedrock of our approach to viticulture and winemaking. 

Handpicked’s vineyards are selected for their ability to express the personality of the site. We intend to recognise and understand those personalities, as they express the unique stories reflected by the changes in seasons over time. Our purpose is to listen carefully, hear the different strands of the story and help it unfold in the glass. 

In doing so, growing the grapes and making the wine are closely entwined.

Cellar Doors

Handpicked Cellar Door found its first home in Sydney CBD in 2016, providing a journey of discovery through a full range of Handpicked wines from great wine regions around the world. Wine tastings evolve into curated wine & food pairings, relaxing in the lounge with your favourite glass of wine, socialising whilst chilling out to the beats or enjoying a masterclass on your favourite varietal. In 2021 we opened our second cellar door in Melbourne CBD. Our personal wine experiences will continue to grow in the coming years.


Over our recently short history, our efforts have been well received by the wine press and shows. While the list of accolades is long, we have over 20 wine show trophies, some 60 Gold Medals to our name, a 5 Red Star rating from James Halliday since 2016, and were ranked among the Top 52 in the 2021 Huon Hooke Real Review Top Australian Winery rankings. Pleasingly, these awards have recognised the strength of not just our wines, but also our vineyards and packaging! 

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Handpicked strives to make the best wines from the world’s great wine regions.