Kiss The Organic is part of the DMG Fine Wine Group, and our core brand, Handpicked Wines, has been committed to a complete conversion to organic since 2018. Over the past few years, our entire team, from winemakers to designers, from senior management to staff, has demonstrated strong identification and great passion for organic wine, organic food, and organic lifestyle. 

Even with the many difficulties and challenges we faced, once we decided to start organic operations in all our vineyards, we knew it was the right choice because we realised that organic wines, like all other organic foods, are not only superior in quality, taste, and nutrient content to their non-organic counterparts, but they also fundamentally eliminate residual harmful substances such as pesticides, fertilizers, artificial hormones throughout the production cycle that will potentially cause long-term, irreversible harm to humans. 

More importantly, we firmly recognise that by simply supporting an organic lifestyle, we can make the world a better place. By choosing organic food and beverages, we are taking practical actions to support organic farming and production, which will benefit the natural environment in many ways, such as reducing the carbon footprint of agriculture, protecting the purity of soil, water, and air, and enhancing the sustainable use and development of various natural resources. And supported organic farming and production will influence more producers to convert to organic, while providing the market with more choice through richer, and better-quality organic products. Everything will enter a fast virtuous cycle. 

Imagine when the world is talking about sustainability, global warming, and migration to Mars, one person’s actions can literally change an entire industry, and the world! We, as ordinary people, will make a better planet and a better future through our own attitude and practical actions, how wonderful it is! 

Kiss The Organic was born out of our own experience in organic practices, our team’s deep commitment to the organic philosophy, and our desire to contribute to our community and our world by doing what we can. It is both a huge mission, also a necessity and simply because our philosophy will allow us to raise our voices, to act and to make a difference. 

Kiss The Organic will be the largest e-commerce platform for organic alcohol products in Australia. During the establishment of the business, we were completely overwhelmed and impressed by the commitment and enthusiasm. Some producers, very small operators, whose wonderful stories – how they treat the land, how they harvest and how they make and brew, all highlight and express their knowledge and understanding of nature, their respect and gratitude for the gifts it gives them, their practice of living in harmony with nature. Rather than being our business partners, all these producers are members of the Kiss The Organic family. We share a common vision, we support each other and, more importantly, we want to share this passion and dedication with every Australian. We also work closely with local Australian organic producers to provide Australia with the most comprehensive and extensive product portfolio. 

We hope that our efforts will greatly enrich the choices available to Australian organic consumers, provide a holistic organic consumer experience and lifestyle support, and call for more people to support the great idea of organic production and sustainability.

Why Choose Kiss The Organic?

Only 100% Certified organic product guarantee: all our products are 100% certified. Being 100% certified, means we do not mislead our customers with the fancy word “organic”. Instead, as organic being our passion and commitment, it is guaranteed all our products are certified, which means they are “real organic” products made according to not a good will but a set of strict rules, so that we can guarantee that what we supply is safe, healthy, clean, and good for the nature. We are happy to supply the actual certification upon request. We are also willing to refund your investment 10-fold if you find any non-certified organic products sold on our platform. 

Quality: Not all organic products are necessarily sold on our platform because our focus is on value, quality, and experience. Only products of the highest quality, sufficient to provide the most unique drinking experience, can be sold on this platform. For each product, we can guarantee that it has passed our tasting panel, compared, and selected by our professional team. The goal of our selection process is achieving excellence and providing our community with the best options. 

Long-term support: Our strong commitment to organic production is also reflected in our support of our communities. Our “$1 Support Program” being developed, will provide ongoing support to health, wellbeing and environmental organizations and groups. We ensure that all support goes directly to where it is needed, with no additional overhead costs. We also regularly announce and update with the Kiss the Organics family members on the progress of all our support. We believe that small actions can make a big difference. 

Greener Practices: The integrity of our lifestyle and belief is demonstrated by the fact that we not only promote organic food and beverages, but we also strive to be green in all aspects of our service. We guarantee the use of 100% recyclable packaging, we are eliminating the use of plastic to the maximum extent possible, we are choosing greener options in our delivery, day to day operations, logistics and we are starting to offer a wine bottle recycling program. Through our own commitment, we hope to awaken more people’s awareness of environmental protection and, more importantly, to let people know that very small individual actions can make a big change.


Kiss the Organic is a wellbeing project that advocates the natural lifestyle by fundamentally changing the our appetite to 100% certified organic.