In 2003, Spirits Of China introduced the first batch of Chinese baijiu to Australia directly from Moutai, the China’s most famous baijiu producer in China. Our team has always asked ourselves: Australia is such a multicultural country, and our people are fortunate enough to enjoy the finest spirits from around the world; why does no one yet know what baijiu is? 

Baijiu is a mysterious, popular cultural liquor that 1.4 billion people have loved for thousands of years. but what makes baijiu so appealing? 

Spirits Of China made it their mission to discover the true heritage of baijiu and bring its story to Australian shores. We visited distilleries, learned about the culture, studied tastings, researched the market, and painstakingly hand-selected products, one by one. Today, Spirits Of China is Australia’s largest and most specialised supplier of luxury baijiu. With a strong passion for promoting the exchange of spirits culture of East and West, Spirits Of China host Australia’s first devoted platform for educating and promoting baijiu. 

Our dream was to seek, source, and share baijiu of the highest quality and craftsmanship to the people of Australia. Spirits Of China have curated an authentic brand portfolio that delivers promises and stays true to the Chinese heritage along the way. We look forward to sharing the baijiu discovery journey with you.

About The Business

Spirits Of China are Australia’s largest, most reliable platform for the education and supply of baijiu. We are the distributor of China’s top three baijiu brands in Australia: Kweichew Moutai, National Cellar 1573 and Qinghua Fenjiu, representing the epitome of baijiu culture. 

The brand value of Kweichew Moutai is the highest in the world of all alcoholic beverages and equal to the top five brands combined, far exceeding any average alcohol brand. This is because we have selected the most effective , highest quality, and most popular products that bring these brands’ authenticity and quality expectations of these brands to the people of Australia and New Zealand, allowing them to get to know, taste and love Chinese baijiu. 

Spirits Of China strives aims to provide the most unique, enjoyable, and upscale lifestyle experience for every Australian consumer while promoting traditional drinking culture. In addition, to ensure Australian consumers receive the purest and most natural Chinese baijiu, we offer a variety of certified organic products to support healthy lifestyles.


We are committed to showcasing the best alternative liquors to Australian and New Zealand spirits enthusiasts. We aspire to leverage traditional and authentic Chinese spirits as a vehicle to start a “cultural journey” so that Australian consumers can recognise, appreciate, and enjoy Chinese spirits and culture, which offers a rich cultural tapestry and enduring, fascinating history. 

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Spirits Of China are Australia’s largest, most reliable, and dependable platform for the education and supply of baijiu.